Prescription Lenses

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Pick among 4 lens types based on lens index (lens thickness)

All lenses come with scratch resistant coating. Pick other options from the list.

Prescription for right eye. Ex. -0.50

Ex. -0.25 or None

Ex. 140 or 80 or None

Prescription for left eye. Ex. -0.50

Ex. -0.25 or None

Ex. 140 or 80 or None

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Single Vision Prescription Lenses

High quality prescription lenses are manufactured by Essilor, largest and most innovative lenses laboratory in the world. Please choose lenses index and coatings to match your vision needs.

More About Lenses Index.

Lenses Index indicated lenses thickness for different prescriptions. The stronger your prescription the thicker your lenses will be in basic Index 1.5 Also, if your glasses frames are large, lenses will be thicker for all prescriptions. Basic Index 1.5 works well for prescription with sphere +/-2.00 Index 1.59 is best for sphere +/-2.25 to +/-3.50 Index 1.67 is best for all prescriptions over +/-3.75

More about Lenses Coatings

Choose all coatings for best looking and clear vision lenses. Anti-glare is the most popular lenses coating. It reduces the glare from light reflection making you see clearer. People who talk to you will not be annoyed by light reflection bouncing from your glasses. Scratch-resistant coating prolongs lifetime of your lenses as it protects lenses from minor wear and wear. UV protection coating is important. Just like in sunglasses, UV protection coating blocks UV rays that are harmful for your eyes. Yes, it is available with clear transparent glasses. We highly recommend it. Hydrophobic coating helps your lenses maintain clean look. It also makes them easier to clean.

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Lenses types:

Basic Lenses 1.5 Index

  • Most basic lenses for mild prescriptions and full rim frames
  • Ideal for single vision prescriptions of range up to +/- 2.00
  • Comes with scratch resistant coating

Durable Polycarbonate Lenses 1.59 Index

  • Made out of strong polycarbobate material that prolongs life of lenses as compared to basic lenses. Lenses don't chip or break as easily, can withstand careless handling longer
  • Ideal for semi-rimless frames or nylon groove mounted lenses
  • Ideal for single vision prescriptions of range up to +/- 2.50 Lenses are up to 15% thinner as compared to basic lenses type
  • Comes with scratch resistant coating

Thin Lenses 1.61 Index

  • Ideal for single vision prescriptions of range between +/- 2.75 and +/-4.00
  • Lenses are up to 25% thinner as compared to basic lenses
  • Comes with scratch resistant coating

Ultra Thin Lenses 1.67 Index

  • Ideal for single vision prescriptions of range over +/-4.00
  • Lenses are up to 35% thinner as compared to basic lenses
  • Comes with scratch resistant coating

Lenses Coatings Options

Scratch Resistant Coating

  • At our store we offer scratch resistant coating for no extra charge with all lens types
  • Scratch resistant coating prolongs life of your lenses by making them more resistant to naturally occurring scratches from wearing and cleaning

Anti-reflective Coating

  • Anfti-reflective coating, also known as anti-glare coating, is a must have with higher prescriptions or prescriptions with astigmatism
  • Anti-refelctive coating reduces lenses glare caused by reflection bouncing back and forward between front surface of the cornea and back surface of the lenses
  • Reduces eyestrain caused by outer glare
  • Makes lenses more transparent and clearer
  • Glasses visually look more high end due to less apparent look of the lenses on the face

UV Protection Coating

  • UV Protection Coating blocks off ultra violet rays caused by sun and artificial indoor lightning
  • Helps avoid eye degenerative conditions such as cataract

Hydrophobic Coating

  • Repels water and makes lenses cleaning easier and more effective
  • Keeps lenses clean for longer time
  • Vision is sharper through cleaner lens

Four Coatings Bundle (4 for the price of 2)

  • Scratch Resistant Coating
  • UV Protection Coating
  • Anti-reflective Coating
  • Hydrophobic Coating


Transitions are photochromic lenses darkening technology that was created to make lenses adopt to outside lighting conditions. When you step outdoors, lenses react to UV and darken providing a comfort of sun lenses. Once you step indoors lenses lighten to complete transparency and act as regular lenses. Choose among two transitions tint colors.
  • Grey looks good on gunmetal, silver and black frames
  • Brown looks good on brown, gold, bronze and tortoise frames
How glasses sizes work. Glasses sizes are broken down to two or three numbers:
  1. Frame lens width. Typically 48-60 mm. This is the size of each lens width measured in the vertical middle of the lens. Total frame width would be two times lens width plus bridge width.
  2. Bridge width.Bridge is the area of eyeglasses that holds the two lenses together. It is usually 10-20 mm long.
  3. Temple width.Temple is the arm of the eyeglasses that holds glasses on your face behind your ear. Temple width is typically 130-140 mm long. Most of temples are 135 mm and this measure is not always provided.
Majority of sunglasses are made in only one size. Some, not all glasses can be made in two or three sizes.